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We are constantly re-discovering Cuba and it´s rhythms. Blending Boogaloo, salsa´s most funky harmony, and urban folklore, 

we are giving the latin musical Imaginarium a new and fresh sound, we call: RESASÓN. ( REggaetón, SAlsa & SÓN ).

With deep calibrated bass we will invite everybody to enter in a special mood of positive vibes

and dancing encounters. Engaging our costumers in a dancing - boxing metaphor.


PUNCH specializes in creative mojito based vessels like fishbowl-sized urns with spigots.

Reviving  the crafted punches of the 17th, 18th and 19th century but with a tropical twist.


Homemade Cuban bites presented in a fun and colorful way, will bring delicacy to our complete experience.

Fusing American comfort food and typical Cuban recipes.


The art of sharing is about doing things in groups, and PUNCH facilitate a special bonding between

people, making it a fun-loving experience. It gets people pushing tables together, and that's all you can ask for.



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