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Richly steeped in the art of creation Carlos Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez Fleta incorporates all of his training as a graphic designer and bartender into a tapestry of liquid delight and sensual unimaginable spaces. A crazy genius behind the bar infusing and transposing flavors with a feverish passion for the craft and delighting clients with the discovery of a whole new sensory experience. In a mere 10 years Beto, as he goes by to keep it simple, has continued his pursuit in combining his love for mixology, music and nightlife and has manifested what Condé Nast Traveler in 2012 referred to as the second best new bar in the world, El Bembé, in their annual Global Bar Hop Review: Best New Bars in 20 Cities.  

In conjunction with El Bembé, his bar and restaurant which pays homage to Cuba’s heyday with the incredible rhythms of such genres as Boogaloo, Charanga, Cha cha cha, Guaguanco  played live by the in-house band and DJ daily and  serving up over 15 signature mojitos created and perfected by Beto. The menu of Cuban and Caribbean flair add to the experience if solely for that instance to travel back in time to a by gone era.  Beto has also manifested another one of those places patrons flock to where the chef of liquid mixture is at the forefront yet again with his pursuit to create places where one always feels at home no matter the mood and his liquid creations thrill - this haven also in Bogota, Colombia is known as La Destilería and has been mentioned in The Guardian of London. He recently culminated a new  atmospherical fun club called Verne, where you can transport yourself on to the imaginary world of Jules Verne where anachronic beats and smoked cocktails will embrace your senses.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, Beto hit the books on a quest to expand his graphic design know-how in Madrid, Spain and further diving into the history of art and liberal studies in Barcelona, Spain.  He traveled the world as much as he could just the same in pursuit of discovery and inspiration.  He has worked and excelled in both his visual space conceptualizations and liquid alchemy concoctions in Bogota, Miami, and Barcelona

Under the umbrella of his Bartist Enterprise which encompasses El Bembé,  La Destilería and Verne under its fine restaurant and bar portfolio and Bartist-Lab a second line of business dedicated to the organization and production of high impact events ranging from private to corporate functions.  Beto continues his journey in acquiring tidbits of magic through inspiration that will continue to bring to life his wildest dreams and ideas for the convergence of art, design, mixology and food with an end result manifesting as a feast for the sensés.

This year he established a Miami-based company named Magnum IP (Intelectual Property). As a concept innovator, he has created new atmospheres in Miami, such as La Divina Gastro Club in Brickell, Baru Midtown, Baru Brickell, Baru Weston. Here his art can be  experienced in a multi-sensorial ambiance just like all the genuine projects he has engaged. He was in charge of the art direction in Baru’s expansion program and was responsible for  unifying the vision of BARU, and ultimately, solidifying the vision of the collective brand imaginary.

He ultimately developed and is the co-owner of EL PATIO WYNWOOD, named best new bar in Miami, by the Miami Times, as well as PUNCH, located in Mimo. Currently, a new concept called LA PODEROSA  will be opening its doors in Wynwood, with this last endeavor  Miami´s nightlife scene won´t be the same.



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