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Since the early 90’s, entrepreneur Nicolas Hoyos, has achieved international recognition for concepts that have revolutionized the restaurant, entertainment and night life scenes both in Miami, Florida and his native Colombia.  His passionate commitment to the convergence of tantalizing quality comfort food, blend of street and whimsical inspiring art not to mention global beats/music have all been expressed at the forefront of all of his projects; each new endeavor stepping up the ante from the one before.
His keen instincts for the mood and feel of popular culture honed in the late 90’s has carried over to his projects in Miami, Florida where Mr. Hoyos has almost seamlessly created a new genre in the merging of restaurant and night club where patrons can enjoy great food, stellar service, great style as well as party the night away all in one space.  In doing so Nicolas’ latest manifestation, BARU Urbano has become a brand not defined by a business classification nor price point instead the brand has been defined by locals as a unique experience where everything has been rethought and every original idea updated. BARU Urbano came to life in 2010, with its first location in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.  A year later after much demand from patrons BARU headed west to Doral, opening its second outpost in 2011. With much continued fanfare in 2013 BARU Urbano opened up its third location in the up and coming area of Midtown Miami.

He recently Opened the first “Gastro Club ”in Birckell, called La DIvina. Which has exponentially return the bar hopping scene in Brickell, activating once again the cluster strategy.

As Magna Cum Laude of his class at Brentwick University in London, England, Nicolas began his professional career as a director and producer for Vista Productions, Inc. in Colombia bringing about the early stages of reality TV among other show genres to his birth country a far stretch from the groundbreaking restaurateur for which he has become.   To date he has and has been part of (15) restaurants, bars and/or nightclubs (Flor Histeria Club, Cinema Odeon, Carambola Café, Azula Café, Anonymous Café, Gotica Café, G Spot Night Club, Verne, Macondo, Zoe Night Club, La Divina, BARU Urbano, El Patio, Punch & La Poderosa)

Nicolas Hoyos forward thinking concepts continue to push the envelope to create new spaces which will radically catapult the way we see restaurants and nightclubs as one in the same.



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